The FIRST Beer in Space is…

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  • Natty Light. That’s right! After soaring above all other hop-based alcoholic treats with its superior taste and premium branding, this light lager has grown tired of Earth and has now achieved the title of the first ever alcoholic astronaut.

    Brewed up over on Natty’s Facebook page, two fans proposed the idea with forward thinking Natty jumping on board for this intergalactic promotion.

    And, with that, the beer space race has concluded with an American (lager) once again taking first place in this competition to the stars.

    I’m out of bad/weird metaphors, so in conclusion, Natty Light is not a very good beer, but this video is very VERY good – and kudos to them for birthing this on Facebook and supporting interesting innovative ideas. I think this calls for a 24-pack and some Football.

    Here’s the official press release followed by the outer-space expedition.

    On November 18, 2011 Natty Light officially became The First Beer In Space.

    Two of Natty Lights Facebook fans, Danny and Rich, came to us with an epic idea to make Natty the first beer in space. We said go for it […]

    The spacecraft was launched on November 17, 2011 via weather balloon at approx 11:11am and landed back on earth at approx 1:45pm. The assent took about 2hrs rising to an altitude of 90,000ft+. The Aluminum Fullcan spacecraft landed 60 miles from the launch site and took Danny and Rich 2hrs to locate by gps (due to the rural area of the landing that offered poor reception). The event was a complete success and the following day November 18, 2011 Natty Light officially became The First Beer In Space (edge of space)…what we like to call the Nattmosphere!

    The spacecraft was composed of a styrofoam cooler carrying the first beer (full beer) in space on board, a gps tracking device, an HD video camera pointed at another (empty) can on the outside of the ship (Its the can you see in frame).

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