Cyber Monday: How Shay Carl and Julia Allison Buy Online

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  • Shay Carl started us off by saying that he spent the majority of Cyber Monday on the couch. He continued to explain that although his wife likes shopping in stores, Shay prefers the web. “That’s why I like online shopping. You can search, you can get it and you don’t have to leave the comfort of the lounger,” he said.

    As for Julia Allison, she seems to be one heck of a shopper. “Visa actually called me…to see if my credit card had been stolen this week,” she admitted. She also said she regretted actually going to a store on Black Friday and greatly preferred her shopping experience on Amazon.

    From there the conversation turned to how much our panelist use their mobile device for shopping. Shay told us that it certainly makes buying easier, “I just hit that, and it’s mine.”

    Check out the whole conversation right here.

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