Miley Cyrus, Dunder Mifflin and Urine Games: Like or Dislike
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  • Tween starlet Miley is leading “A Spirit Walk” for all the Occupy demonstrators. The video for her new single features hard core club beats and Occupy footage from around the world. The likes and dislikes from the What’s Trending viewers who participated in our poll were split straight down the middle. Shay on the other hand wasn’t convinced Miley is authentic in her crusade. “I just want you guys to know that I’m really proud of Hannah Montana for believing in something, he said. “Has she even been to one of these Occupy (demonstrations), that’s what I want to know.”

    Julia opined, “I think young women should be allowed to have opinions about this without people making fun of them.”

    NBC is bringing some office branding to Staples. The fictional paper seller Dunder Mifflin of the TV show “The Office” will soon be sold at the office supply giant. Julia said now she knows exactly what she’s buying her little brother for Christmas. Shay agreed “it’s a great way to make some money.”

    Competition among young men is reaching a whole new level of intimacy with new urine-powered video games installed at public bathroom urinals.”This is going to increase beer sales by 28 percent across the board,” declared Shay. Meanwhile Julia said she’s really disappointed that she doesn’t have a Y chromosome just for this particular moment.

    Watch the whole hilarious Like or Dislike segment here.