Who Will Win the Cloud Music Wars

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  • Shay Carl, who is starting a music label of his own, explained how the music labels are not working anymore in our age of availability. Specifically he singled out the tremendous number of songs on Spotify. “As far as just songs available alone, Spotify kills Pandora,” he said.

    Julia Allison chimed in to voice her opinion on the Spotify business model. “They want to be available for a very specific use, which is, ‘pick the song you want to listen to, and listen to it.”

    The conversation then turned to people using YouTube to discover music. Shay explained that YouTube is like a new type of search engine. Julia agreed, adding, “When people share music with me, they usually send me a YouTube video, because obviously they’re not just going to buy me the song.”

    Perhaps it all of the current players will lose out once Shay launches “Pandify.” A service that he joked would combine the best of all the platforms.

    Watch the whole compelling Real Time Conversation, below.

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