Why Tuesday’s Jacob Soboroff: What’s Trending Politics

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  • We started off by finding out a bit more about the Why Tuesday organization and their goal. “I think that eventually, we might be able to move election day to the weekend, so more people can vote,” Soboroff suggested.

    As for how politicians are using social media, Soboroff thought that how the average citizen uses online tools to reach the politicians was the bigger issue. He mentioned terms like “Twitter-ocracy,” “Facebook-ocracy,” and “YouTube-ocracy,” as ways that we the people can cause real change in the U.S. political process.

    As for who might come out on top of the dynamic GOP nomination race, Jacob told us it’s anyone’s game. But, he did break the news on the show that Herman Cain was reassessing his campaign. A story that Shira followed up on just a few hours later by interviewing Cain’s social media director.

    Watch our chat with Jacob Soboroff, here.

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