Perez Hilton: “My new motto is to be sassy not nasty.”

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  • Perez began blogging 7 years ago and started by telling us about his place in the pantheon of influential and notable bloggers. “I’m happy to part of a movement and lucky to have been one of the first,” he remarked. He continued to say that he feels a great sense of accomplish for enduring and growing, given the rate at which most things online burn out.

    From there Hilton took us through a day in the life of a loved and hated blogger. Turns out he works very hard at what he does. During an average day, he told us he works between 16 and 17 hours. Surprisingly, he revealed that he doesn’t watch any TV, but he does subscribe to, “tons of YouTube channels.”

    Although Perez said he has committed to being a kinder and gentler Perez, he still believes in being critical. “My new motto is to be sassy not nasty,” he said. And, as to how he deals with criticism of his work, he explained that he doesn’t care whether or not people “like” him, but he does care if they think he’s making the world a worst place.

    As for Hilton’s New Year’s resolution, he told us, “My resolution for 2012 is to out-do 2011.”

    Watch the whole, fabulous Perez Hilton interview, here.

  • What is your resolution for 2012?

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