Bad Idea: Flying Drugs Into Obama's Airspace
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  • The bad idea of the week goes to the pilot of a small four-seater plane that hapahazardly wondered into Marine One’s airspace as the president was visiting Los Angeles for a few high-profile fundraisers. The kicker in this already knuckle-headed story is that the plane was carrying 40 pounds of marijuana, which was found as federal agents searched the plane, after it had been forced to land in Long Beach Airport (by F-16’s no less). The pilot, was, of course, arrested and turned over to officials for charges.

    Marine One has an eight mile buffer zone, so that security forces, like an F-16, can intercept the plane in the event of an actual threat. Secret Service isn’t disclosing how close the plan got, but did note that the President wasn’t in danger.

    What do you think of the incident? Was the pilot smoking some of his own stock?