Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants You To Collaborate With Him Online!
  • Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is looking for more artists for his online collaborative production company, hitRECord.

    Gordon-Levitt released a video on the company’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, calling for writers, vocalists, singers, rappers and spoken word artists to contribute to already established projects or to create new ones.


  • The video features Gordon-Levitt profiling some of the more popular projects on the website, as well as him interviewing a few of the artists.

    The online website currently hosts hundreds of independent projects, and already boasts 664,034 RECcords, or projects. After a project is posted, other users can contribute by recommending the project, making suggestions or creating their own version of their collaboration.

    Founded in 2010, hitRECord has allowed the Hollywood actor to work with less established and common artist from across a wide-range of artistic platforms. He released an anthology of his hitRECord collections called “Recollection, Vol. I,” combining work from 50,000 artists. He is working on releasing Vol. II.