EXCLUSIVE: Steve Wozniak in Line for iPad 3 at Apple Store (VIDEO)
  • It has become a tradition to find Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak waiting first in line for the next big Apple product. Tonight, was no different as Wozniak checked in on Foursquare at the Westfield Mall in Century City, California. The new tablet is available for pre-order and in stores at 8 am Friday, March 16.

    We decided to head to the mall for an impromptu video interview with Wozniak where he shared his thoughts on the new iPad, his continued excitement over Apple products and his reaction to the projects that Apple will possibly grow to a trillion dollar tech company. Woz also touches on Steve Jobs passing and the legacy of his products.

  • “My wife was the first, I was the second. We came at about noon. We’re used to Northern California where the stores lines start early.”

    On the tradition of waiting in line at Apple stores:

    “It’s become a ritual almost because I’ve done it so many times. It’s not something that I have to do. Nobody need to wait in line. You can pre-order… But I’d rather be there genuine like the real people. I want to be one of the people lined up and wait all night. Apple’s just that important to so many of us. You don’t live forever and I’m pushing it.”

    Does he still get as excited about products as when you first began the company?

    “No that was a little different that was like you were creating new stuff. But getting new stuff in your hand and trying them out it’s the biggest thing of my life. New gadgets of all kinds.”

    His thoughts on the new iPad:

    “I’m always reading the gadget blogs. I’m really excited about the really high quality screen and the slightly larger battery- I don’t know if it goes longer that’s what really matters. I have had an iPad with a low amount of memory and I will finally be able to put a lot more movies on my iPad because I’m getting one with the higher amount of memory. Also, I have a number of phones that have the Verizon 4G and the LTE system and it’s fast. For downloading stuff on your iPad when you’re not on wi-fi, it’s going to be a wonderful thing.”

    His take on recent news that Apple will be a Trillion dollar tech company with a 1000 dollar stock the biggest of any tech company in the world:

    “When we started, we knew that the world was going to change in a lot of ways. A lot of things that used to be mechanical were going to become electronic. We didn’t have any idea what this new revolution with mobile and smartphones starting with the iPhone. It’s really a computer in your hand. Then when the app store came I found that my life is driven by these apps… We knew it was a revolution but we didn’t know it was going to be this intense, this major once chips could put an entire computer on one chip.”

    On the legacy and growth of Apple continuing after Steve Jobs death:

    “It’s going to continue in the future. Technology is going to be an amazing part of our life, a changing part of our life. There are many things that haven’t undergone the full change that’s promised by the technologies of today. We’re just at the start… I’m really happy for young people to have an outlet to create, especially apps for the phones. It’s a class of people that aren’t big, rich companies that already have it made. They’re just young people with a talent… it’s about business and entrepreneurship and for where it’s led me in my life I’m always a big supporter of it.”

    “I try not to [think of Steve Jobs while standing in line]. I have more of a connection to Steve Jobs than the average person… It’s not bittersweet at all. There are still great products coming out. Steve was really responsible for setting up a company, a culture, a method of developing products that continue to create great products. If I ever see them not great, then I’ll be screaming. That will be a sad day.”