Jason Segel Shares Why He Loves Twitter During 'Jeff Who Lives At Home' Cast Chat
  • Our own Shira Lazar sat down with the cast and crew of Jeff Who Lives At Home to talk about tweeting, why they love What’s Trending, and hanging out by guacamole at parties. With a special appearance by Shira’s mom!

    The Duplass Brothers, who are known for shooting movies without scripts and allowing actors to improv, said about directing this movie, “Most directors spend ninety percent of their energy on lights and cameras and ten percent of their energy on their actors, and we’ve tried to reverse that. And create an environment where acting and performance is the most important thing to us.”

    When asked about what he likes to tweet about, Jason Segel said, “I tweet about food a lot. I just like it. It’s delicious.”

    Check out the fun interviews and watch the end to meet Shira’s mom!