21 Jump Street Is So Good That Jonah Hill Is Willing to Dress Like An Idiot
  • Shira sat down with the cast and crew of ’21 Jump Street’ at SXSW to talk about dressing like idiots, how Channing Tatum is actually hilarious, and how digital technology is changing movies.

    Jonah Hill, who wrote and stars in the movie, says the movie is “Bad Boys meets a John Hughes’ movie.”

    Co-Director Chris Miller says that the audience is in for surprises, especially when it comes to cameos, “some of whom who may or may not be the largest movie star in the world.”

    Jonah Hill also said that in this age of digital technology, “There’s too much access when it comes to know about movies before you see it…it sucks that there is no surprise anymore” when it comes to movies.

    Dave Franco says that in regards to how the digital world has changed movies, he makes videos with his friends and puts them up on Funnyordie, “if its successful, more people could see it than independent movie these days. Which is crazy!”

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