Brett Register Satisfies Your "Hunger Games" in What's Trending Movies
  • Brett Register takes you on a magical tour through the cinema scene this week in What’s Trending Movies.

    He starts the adventure of with Tuesday’s Blu-Ray/DVD releases of  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,  Disney’s the Muppets, and the “delightful 80s-esque” The Sitter.

    Taking a sharp turn, Brett breaks down the box office from the last two weeks with special guest…The Lorax!

    Brett  tells you how “social media has lost it’s trending mind” over this week’s new release, the Hunger Games, and gives his predications for this week’s box office madness.

    Finally, Brett goes back to the future with the week’s coolest movie trailer, Prometheus, the maybe could-be Alien prequel, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, A 5-Minute preview of Snow White and the Huntsman, and Tim Burton’s latest Dark Shadows.

    So, come aboard with Captain Brett Register on the What’s Trending Movies cruise ship, where every week is fun on the high movie seas!