Celebrate World Water day, donate your birthday!
  • Thursday will mark World Water Day and to celebrate, What’s Trending host Shira Lazar spoke to Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water.

  • A non-profit organization, Charity Water’s main goal is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Astonishingly, it gives 100 percent of public donations to fund clean water projects. The organization has raised more than $61 million since its launch in 2006.

    Shira interviewed Harrison via Skype, who said he’s going back to basics to raise awareness about World Water Day.

    “One of the most effective ways for people to engage and bring clean drinking water to the almost 800 million people in the world without is to use their birthday,” Harrison said. “Instead of throwing a big party or asking for a bunch of gifts they probably don’t really need, is to ask for their age in dollars and start a charity campaign.”

    Using the prominence of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Will Smith, Harrison has spread awareness for his campaign and says that he’s currently focusing on operating his charity like a tech company.

    “We’ve had some impact,” Harrison said. “We’ve helped about 6,000 communities in 19 countries, and about two-and-half million people have been served.”

    He said that his organization’s efforts are working.

    “The problem is being solved,” he said. “We’re seeing lives in communities absolutely transformed. We’re seeing lives being saved through access to clean water.”

    Charity Water is an active social media participant, using a verified account on Twitter to spread awareness and news to more than 1.3 million followers. On Facebook, their page has about 221,000 likes.

    “Social media has just been a great way to tell our story.” Harrison said. “It’s a simple story.”

    Shira has pledged her birthday. Will you do the same? Visit to celebrate World Water Day and donate your birthday.