Flying Taco Delivery Service, Tacocopter, is (unfortunately) a Fabrication
  • The web was caught off-guard with the possibility of a flying Mexican delivery service, the Tacocopter. The hypothetical app-based service would have flown a quadricopter to the hungry doorsteps of gadget-enthusiasts, delivery delicious tacos from the sky.

    (Most) unfortunately, it was a fabrication. Wired debunked the hopeful myth by catching up with the creator and MIT grad, Star Simpson, “Partly it was so I would keep thinking about how to make something like this work, and partly it was to do the same for other people. A vision. Like what cyberpunk did for the Internet — mull the possibilities, give people things to think about,” Simpson told their reporter on an instant messenger service. “The other motivation is that we basically only hear about quadrotors [sic] in scary contexts, and I think it does give that fear and emotional tension a safe and hilarious outlet.”

    Legally, Wired points out, the FAA bans the commercial use of unmanned arial drones (for the most part). Still, the concept is so cool and technically possible, that many where hoping it would happen (not often that a business can get that kind of buzz). Think it will happen in the near future?