Adrian Grenier Reveals ‘Teenage Paparazzo’ Empowerment Tour (VIDEO)

Adrian Grenier Reveals 'Teenage Paparazzo' Empowerment Tour (VIDEO)
By Damon Berger
  • This week’s influencer was the awesome Adrian Grenier and he chatted with Shira Lazar about his documentary  ‘Teenage Paparazzo’ hitting the road to empower today’s youth, sustainable living, and, yes, the Entourage movie.

  • At 0:22, Adrian talks about his documentary, Teenage Paparazzo, and says he thinks it hit a nerve with teens and kids because they are “the first digital natives.”

    At 1:50, Adrian tells a story about his mom being excited about getting a longer phone cord, so she could walk around her house while talking on the phone.

    At 4:15, Shira asks him about his new Reckless app that allows direct connection to his own audience.

    As an independent filmmaker, I realized that I am no longer beholden to the big studios to connect to distribute my messages, my ideas.

    At 6:25, Adrian describes the evolution of his site, his eco-friendly Wine and his view that “sustainability doesn’t have to be so square.”

    At 3:28, Adrian talks about how crowd funding through  are being used to fund the Empowerment Tour which would allow “the film, art, me, some guest speakers, experts in the field to talk to the kids and we are hoping to reach 80 schools.”

    And finally, at 7:45, Adrian answers a fan’s Facebook question about when the Entourage movie is going to finally happen.

    We are waiting for Doug Ellin. Doug Ellin has gotta write a script and then we are all there.