Do you “Total Recall” the Original 1990 Trailer?

Do you "Total Recall" the Original 1990 Trailer?
By Damon Berger
  • With the release of the new Total Recall trailer on Sunday, a whole new generation of fanboys are getting ready for the remake of a sci-fi classic. But have you watched the trailer for the 1990 original recently? It definitely leaves a different impression than the gritty, dark world of the new Douglas Quaid, Colin Farrell.

    Full of weird cyborgs, mutants, and cheesy jokes (“Consider this a divorce”), the original trailer wants you to marvel at the absurdness of it all. It makes you want to explore the world they live in and laugh at the ridiculousness.

    The new trailer is so dark and dreary, you wonder if its ever sunny on Mars. The world this lives in does not seem nearly as friendly as the 1990 original.

    Check out both the trailers here and let us know what you think. Which one do you like more? Are you excited for the new Total Recall? Or are you going to stick to the original?

    The 1990 Total Recall:

  • The 2012 Total Recall: