Watch Sarah Palin Co-Host Today Show

Watch Sarah Palin Co-Host Today Show
By Damon Berger
  • The electrifying former vice-presidential candidate, governor of Alaska, and reality television star, Sarah Palin, co-hosted the Today Show yesterday. She began the show with a little self-deprecating humor, being filmed reading a pile of newspapers and writing notes on her hand with a sharpie (a reference to both the interview where she could not name a newspaper she read and when she was caught with notes on her hand).

    When asked about Mitt Romney as a candidate, she said, “Anything is still possible. There can still be a bit of a shake-up. But the numbers are what the numbers are.” When Matt Lauer said that this seemed like she wasn’t very happy with him as the nominee, she responded, “anybody but Obama.”

    Palin also weighed in on pop culture matters, such as Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight. When asked how she would have felt if someone had targeted her weight, Palin said “I would have wanted to punch them in the neck.”

    Watch some clips below and see more interviews on the Today Show website