Who Won the Mega Millions Jackpot? Well, We Still Don’t Know…

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  • You can file this under “We should have expected this.” There’s Mega Millions controversy.

    An employee at a McDonald’s in Baltimore County, and mother of seven, claimed she was one of the three winners of the Mega Millions jackpot. Her co-workers are saying that the winning ticket was, in fact, bought as part of a pool, and therefore they’re all winners. But here’s the thing: No one has actually seen the winning ticket. Media, co-workers, and the public have all asked Ms. Mirlande Wilson to see the ticket. She has to yet show it to anyone and where asked about its whereabouts, she says “I cannot tell you.”

    In other words, it’s just like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

    Lottery officials have said that until someone comes forward with a winning ticket, they will not declare a winner.

    The Today Show did a video package about it this morning:

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