Kat Graham and Lamorne Morris Join Us For Like or Dislike (VIDEO)

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  • Like or Dislike is back by popular demand!

    Kat Graham (Vampire Dairies, “Put Your Graffiti on Me”) and Lamorne Morris (Fox’s New Girl) talked Jennifer Love Hewitt’s endowments, Texts from Hillary, Simpsons secrets revealed and Snoop Dogg’s smokable songbook. Want to know more about what Graham and Morris are up to lately? CLICK HERE.


    We began by looking at whether Lifetime should have photoshopped Jennifer Love Hewitt’s assets on the ads for her new show ‘Client List’.

  • Lamorne Morris disliked the decision:

    “What you are doing is taking a shot at all the top heavy woman out there and you’re saying, you are not worth it.”

    The ‘Texts from Hillary’ Tumblr blog exploded this week when the Secretary of State herself responded to the meme:

  • Kat Graham on “Texts from Hillary”:

    “…I was just laughing. I even brought it up at a huge meeting I was at yesterday and I was like ‘Hey, have you guys seen this tumblr?’ I think she’s awesome and cute and gives her a great sense of humor.”

    The Simpsons’ greatest mystery was revealed when creator Matt Groening told a reporter that Springfield was actually Springfield, Oregon. (UPDATE: According TV Guide Magazine, Groening claims that he was misinterpreted in the original interview and that Springfield in the show isn’t actually referring to Oregon, but rather elements from his childhood growing up in Portland, Oregon are what inspired the Simpsons.)

  • Kat was quick to dislike hoping the mystery was something bigger: 

    “I was hoping that the big mystery reveal is what Marge’s hair is made of.”

    And finally, we ended the segment with a look at Snoop Dogg’s latest “green” product:

  • Lamorne on Snoop’s smokable songbook:

    “I got it already. I got seven of them. Well, I had seven, but now I’m now down to four books. I don’t know what happened to them, I’ll just say that.”

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