Hidden ‘SNL’ Skit Reunion with Republican Candidates

Hidden 'SNL' Skit Reunion with Republican Candidates
By Damon Berger
  • *Update: we’re told that the original skit was aired, but couldn’t re-aired. The clip isn’t available on Hulu or SNL’s website.

    Saturday Night Live brought the whole Republican primary back for an unaired skit last weekend, but, according to Buzzfeed, couldn’t be rebroadcast “due to music rights,” as the cast parody’s Green Day’s “Time of Your Life.”

    Andy Samberg was back as the unforgettable Rick Santorum. “Well, we’re celebrating for my friend, so I’ll have a chocolate milk,” jokes Samburg as he sits next to Romney at a bar. “And, I’ll have a napkin,” responds Jason Sudeikis’ Romney.

    Notice, Ron Paul was a no show, perhaps because Paul Brittain is no longer a member of the cast.