WT/Movies: Looper Claims Future Box Office Victory
  • What does a chimpanzee, Katniss, Brett’s future self, and really scared teenagers have in common? They were all in my dream last night! Also, they are all in What’s Trending Movies with Brett Register!

    Brett tells you all about the DVD goodies you can bring home, including Ghost Protocol and the black sheep of the Halloween franchise.

    Social Media Box Office predicts another buff-o weekend for Hunger Games, but Cabin in the Woods is hot on its heels.

    And finally, Brett travels through time to battle his future self and cover this week’s top trailers: Looper, I Know That Voice, and Titanic Super 3D.

    So, grab your Peeta action figure and watch this week’s What’s Trending Movies with Brett Register.

    Check out the trailers Brett talks about here:


    I Know That Voice

    Super Titanic 3D