Coachella: Youtube’s Livestream, Hologram Tupac, and More

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  • Prepare yourself for this weekend at Coachella by talking about last weekend!

    Chris Gore (G4’s Attack of the show) recapped Coachella with this week’s panel: Douglas Sarine (Ask A Ninja), DeStorm Power (musician and YouTube star), and Taryn Southern (X-Factor and YouTube star).

    They discussed why actually being there is still better than watching on the internet, the mind-blowing Tupac hologram, and a DeStorm boy band.

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    Taryn Southern on if watching the livestream was better than actually being at Coachella:

    “No way, I was there this weekend, so I have to say from experience that there is no way that the online experience can come close.”

    DeStorm Power on Hologram Tupac:

    “I’m going to digitally create myself and be my own boy band. A bunch of DeStrom Powers.”

    Taryn Southern:

    “I could see where (the Tupac hologram) could be used in poor taste, depending on soon an artist has passed and if they are all of sudden placing a life size image. I mean it does look really real.”

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