YouTube at 7 Years Old: Soon It Will Be In Your Eyeballs
  • In this week’s real time conversation, Shira discussed Youtube turning 7 with Natasha Leggero (Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans”) and D-trix (“So You Think You Can Dance” and Youtube’s DanceOn). Natasha told us about the weird comments she gets from seventh graders on Youtube. D-trix explained how Youtube can get pretty personal.

    D-trix on why YouTube is important:

    “There’s something Youtube fans that’s different than mainstream fans. It’s very personal, you feel like they really really get to know you because you post so often.”

    What Natasha Leggero thinks about the premium model for Youtube:

    “I think that’s where it should go because right now people don’t even shower before they go on the Youtube. They’ll have the vaccum cleaner in the background or he baby crying. I just think we need to step it up a little bit.:

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