Is Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ Video ‘Too Saucy For TV’?

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  • In staying true to the starship theme today, Nicki Minaj’s video for her hit single is the talk of the morning since its release last night.

    Considering the “Starships” audio track debuted almost a month ago, the video seems to be arriving a bit tardy to the scene. Minaj explained to UK’s Capital FM that there was some last-minute tweaking to be done. “There was just one tiny little thing I wanted to change, but I know at the beginning of next week you guys will see it,” she said last week. She then added, “It may be too saucy for TV.”

    Complete with alien invasion themes mixed with dance club blacklights, the video is certainly trippy, but it does feel like we’ve seen worse in terms of sauciness and spice. Then again, we may just be forever desensitized by Lady Gaga’s theatrical antics.

    But it’s always up for debate — do you agree with Minaj’s statement?

    *NSFW language*

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