The Most Uncomfortable, Unprofessional Interview Ever

The Most Uncomfortable, Unprofessional Interview Ever
By Damon Berger
  • Local television news is already having its troubles as is, they don’t need some horribly unprofessional morning news anchor mucking it up. But that’s exactly what Julie Tristan of “Show Me St. Louis” did.

    She was already assigned to do a story that I am sure any real journalist would have a fit over, riding the new Mr. Freeze roller coaster with St. Louis Cardinal star, David Freese. Instead of taking the assignment and attempting to make it real news, she (and, I assume, her producers) took in the exact opposite direction… making a mockery of local news, journalism, sports reporting, and women in general.

  • Watch and cringe:

    This is an embarrassment to anyone who’s in the news business, which I know a few. But beyond that, it’s insulting to female sports reporting. There are way too many females who have worked their tails off, from Linda Cohen to Jane Levy to Robin Roberts (she started as a SportsCenter anchor) to gain acceptance in the male-dominated sports journalism community. For this woman to constantly hit on and make David Freese this uncomfortable, it is out-right offensive and hopefully doesn’t set back female sports journalism years.