Dan Savage ‘The Bible is Bull***t’ [Like or Dislike]

Dan Savage 'The Bible is Bull***t' [Like or Dislike]
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Derrick Ashong (Al Jazeera’s The Stream, Million Download Campaign) and Diem Brown (MTV’s The Challenge, Medgift.com) debate if Dan Savage was out of line for saying that “the Bible is Bull***t” and calling students walking out him “pansy-asses.”

    Do you Like or Dislike Savage’s controversial approach?

    Ashong on Savage’s use of profanity:

    “If you watch the whole video, the argument he’s making is a very wise argument…but as soon as you come out and insult them and everything they believe in by saying the Bible is X and using profane language, you cut off that dialogue. And you are now doing this as a grown man…to a bunch of kids. He could’ve totally made the point without doing that.”

    Brown regarding Savage’s behavior:

    “Yes, talk about the bullying…he’s doing great work with this. But showing what your view is so narrowly…that’s a detriment and it’s not fair for the person listening who is sitting there and having their beliefs shattered.”

    Ashong on what this means for Savage’s It Gets Better Project:

    “We shouldn’t denounce the movement because of what he did, but we have to think, what’s the point? The point is to make the lives of kids better. How do we do that?”

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