EXCLUSIVE: Jenna Marbles Talks Quirky Humor and Unexpected YouTube Success

EXCLUSIVE: Jenna Marbles Talks Quirky Humor and Unexpected YouTube Success
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Peppered by her quirky sense of humor, hilarious insights, and canine companions, Jenna Marbles’ videos have launched her into Internet stardom. Since posting her first video about two years ago, Jenna Marbles has become the number one female on YouTube, boasting nearly 3 million subscribers and 500 million channel views.

    Shira Lazar sat down with Jenna to discuss Internet celebrity life and her unexpected launch into YouTube stardom.

    When she first came to L.A. from Boston, Jenna probably couldn’t foresee her career as an Internet sensation, considering she was a pioneer of the trend. “I still don’t consider it a career,” she admits. “Kicking it in your room alone with your dogs and then uploading videos to the Internet? It’s pretty cool. I didn’t anticipate it being anything like this. It’s crazy!”

    Now that she has an established stream of content and a loyal fanbase, Jenna would describe her channel to people as, “Magic. Pure magic. It’s ridiculous. It will make you laugh and maybe make you feel awesome on the inside.”

    So, we all want to know: What’s the process of making a Jenna Marbles video? Jenna offers a pretty straightforward answer: “Freak out Tuesday night. Not have anything to do. And then wake up Wednesday and be like, we’re gonna do it live! Shoot and upload on Wednesday. And then it’s on the Internet forever.”

    While Jenna has made quite a name for herself in cyberspace, what some might not know is that she has an alternate life path all lined up, having received a master’s degree in Sports Psychology and Counseling from Boston University. When asked if this affects her videos, she responded: “Sometimes I do make videos that touch on topics of psychological interests, guy or girl perspectives. It can play a role in how I think about [my videos]. I do like giving them messages.”

    Jenna also seems quite honored when asked about the fact that young girls identify with her. “They’ll tell me, ‘You make me feel like it’s okay to be weird.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, dude. Do that. It’s so much better than being normal.'”

    But amongst Jenna’s mob of obsessive fans, Jenna was ready to offer an all-time favorite, oddest comment: “‘I would drag my balls through a mile of broken glass to hear you fart through a walkie talkie.’ That one takes the cake.”

    Considering how unintentional her own boost into Internet fame was, Jenna Marbles truly believes that anyone has the power to be a YouTube star. “As long as you’re electric and awesome and yourself, you can do whatever you want on YouTube. Anyone can do this.”

    Her trusty advice for up-and-comers? “You have to start! Just jump. And just be you. People want to know you.”

    Be sure to check out the hilarious Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube and follow the lady herself on Twitter.