Lion Tries To Eat Baby… Fails

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  • This is hilarious and adorable. Or frightening and disturbing. Not really sure which one.

    Parents take Baby Jack for his first visit to the zoo. They dress him in a cute little black and white stripped sweatshirt and plop him down next to the glass at the lion exhibit. All is fun and cute… until the lion tries to eat Baby Jack!

    Of course, the lion can’t get through the glass barrier, but that lion is trying really hard. So hard, in fact, that if I were Baby Jack’s parent, I would move him away from the glass…you know, just in case.

    But they don’t and just laugh along as a giant lion paws and opens its huge mouth attempting to devour their little baby.

    In the lion’s defense, it probably thought Baby Jack was a zebra.

  • UPDATE: Since we posted this video yesterday morning, it was shot across the internet like a…well, a viral video. Here’s a nice graphic from Visible Measures explaining its reach:

    Not only that, the mother was on Good Morning America and CNN talking about what it meant to her that a lion wanted to eat her baby.

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