Hollywood, Sexism, and YouTube [RTC]

Hollywood, Sexism, and YouTube [RTC]
By Damon Berger
  • Nadia G (Bitchin’ Kitchen) and Kassem G (Askkassem, California On) discuss with Shira in our Real Time Conversation the culture of sexism in Hollywood and how WIGS, a new YouTube channel, has tried to provide an alternative to Hollywood, casting actresses that go beyond the stereotypical young and statuesque.

    “Bringing talent and quality writing and content to YouTube, is a plus,” said Kassam. But, half-jokingly, he said, “When I see them making a channel 3 years after I made my channel, I consider them late to the party.”

    Echoing Kassem, Nadia applauded the move, “”Women have been boxed into certain Sterotypes.” But, like her coach compadre, she remarked that she has been doing an unorthodox cooking show for years. So, while the new YouTube focus is great, it’s not a breakthrough. Watch the full clip above