'The Avengers' Tops $1 Billion
  • Superhero reunion flick, The Avengers smashed box office records and neatly surpassed the $1 billion dollar mark, just 19 days after it debuted. And, a record-breaking $207.4 million on opening weekend sure did help, so did $103.2 million its second weekend.

    For added kicks, The Hollywood Reporter found that the hypothetical damage done to New York in the film would have cost $160 billion, based off of computer models that estimated the physical damage of an alien invasion would be $60-70 billion and the economic and cleanup costs would be another $90 billion. In comparison, “the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks cost $83 billion, Hurricane Katrina cost $90 billion, and the tsunami in Japan last year washed away $122 billion.

    It should be unsurprising, given the financial and media success, a sequel is already being planned.