Microsoft Launches Own Social Network:

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  • Tagged as “a new research experience for students,” Microsoft’s social network,, is designed to make web searching a communal experience.

    Produced in a partnership with FUSE labs, the process is pretty simple. users are invited to search for topics of interest and then share their searches and results to help others discover what they might be looking for or clue them into cool findings. This is expected to generate connections, conversations, and commentaries between “like-minded people” around topics they care about.

    On the multimedia side, searchers can create “beautiful collages of content” and even start video parties to gather around a certain topic of interest and chat with friends.

    While Microsoft’s social efforts seem like a direct jab at Google — specifically Google+ and Google’s Social Search results — Microsoft’s caters to the niche of students in fostering collaborative research. Perhaps this new outlet could give rise to important intellectual endeavors, breakthroughs, and careers.

    Users can sign into with Facebook (acting as a social network platform to launch other social networks) or Windows Live.

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