First Privately Owned Rocket Launched Towards International Space Station (VIDEO)

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  • Space Exploration Technologies is the first company to send a privately owned rocket to the International Space Station.

    Falcon 9, the unmanned 178-foot tall rocket ship, lifted off this morning from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

    The spacecraft contains a Dragon cargo capsule, which is transporting roughly 1,200 pounds of food, water, and supplies for the crew at the International Space Station.

    Assuming all goes according to plan, the capsule will be lifted from orbit on Friday and delivered to the docking port.

    The Falcon 9 is scheduled to return to Earth’s atmosphere on May 31, bringing with it another 1,300 pounds of gear —  and hopefully allowing NASA to continue relying on privately chartered, commercial trips to transport supplies to and from the station.

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