Infographic breaks down social media users by website

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  • published a cool infographic via illustrating user information on five of the most popular social media and networking websites.

    Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest (in order of total users) are compared through monthly visitors, the male to female user ratio, time spent on each site and even age demographics. The information is staggering but insightful; take for example how much time the average user spend per month on each site. According to the infographic, Facebook users spend almost 7 hours a month on the website, while Google Plus users spend about 3 minutes.

    Ever wondered how much you’re worth to Facebook, or Twitter, or even Pinterest? The infographic also explores this question, estimating how much each user is worth to their respective site. Not surprisingly, Facebook leads the way here, although the number here is almost three times as much as the cost of a share during Facebook’s IPO launch last Friday, which fluctuated at around $40 per share.

    Check it out. Anything surprise you or stand out?

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