Flaming Lips will try to set record for most live concerts in 24 hours

By Damon Berger
Flaming Lips will try to set record for most live concerts in 24 hours
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    The Flaming Lips. Source: PasteMagazine.com.

  • MTV News reported Tuesday night that the Flaming Lips are planning to perform concerts in eight cities during a 24-hour period in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

    Their attempt will be done in style, aboard a tour-bus that will traverse through the Mississippi Delta–from Memphis to New Orleans–serving as the “house band” aboard the vehicle. Their stunt is part of the O Music Awards, set for June 27, which honors the best in digital music. MTV News points out that the effort will also mark the first 24-hour, live-streamed award show. Fans can vote for nominees starting Wednesday on the O Music Awards website, where they will also be able to catch the Lips’ attempt at breaking the record.

    “I’ve done plenty of things where I have been awake a lot longer than that, doing horrible things and wishing I was asleep,” Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne told MTV News. “I think it’s gonna be awesome.”

    The previous record was held by Jay-Z; his series included stops in seven cities across the U.S. in November 2006. The concerts were part of a promotional event for his album, Kingdom Come.

  • Here’s Coyne’s short interview with MTV News: