WTF with Flula – Zuckerberg Wedding

WTF with Flula - Zuckerberg Wedding
By Amanda Walgrove
  • In this week’s episode of “WTF with Flula,” our favorite German YouTube star busts through Facebook’s Privacy Settings and gives us the lowdown on Mark Zuckerberg’s top secret wedding.

    Flula describes it as a strictly “black hoodie affair” where “instead of giving gifts, guests were asked to donate organs.” Not your jam? At least things got really romantic when Zuck was told, “You may now Poke the bride.”

    And it seems as if, in true Social Network fashion, Sean Parker mixed some illegally acquired tunes while those Winklevoss twins were on hand as bartenders, looking to scrounge some tips before rowing away.

    The highlight, though? Tom from MySpace caught the bouquet. Congrats, Tom!