WTF with Flula: Zombie Apocalypse

WTF with Flula: Zombie Apocalypse
By Amanda Walgrove
  • This week on “WTF with Flula,” our favorite feisty YouTube DJ helps us to prepare our #ZombieApocalypse survival guide.

  • The little known secrets of zombies?

    1. They’re lactose intolerant, of course. Flula has us know that if you pour some milk in a zombie’s mouth: “Zombie guts all over the place.”

    2. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” is a perfect distraction for the crazed zombie mind. So start singing.

    3. Zombies will not interrupt a bowel movement because they’re jealous. No #1 and #2 for them.

    4. Always wear sunscreen. Oh, wait. That’s not for the zombies. Just a life tip for avoided moles and wrinkles. Still, adhere!

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