Chester French performs “Interesting Times” on What’s Trending

Chester French performs “Interesting Times” on What’s Trending
By Damon Berger
  • Chester French are busy these days with the online hustling business, which attracted the attention of Spotify, the popular music hosting and sharing platform, where frontman D.A. Wallach currently serves as an artist in residence.

    The duo, made up of vocalist Wallach and instrumentalist Maxwell Drummey, stopped by the What’s Trending Studios on Wednesday to talk to Shira about their work with Spotify, their new album and to perform their latest single, Interesting Times.

    “I’m basically an advocate for the creative community,” Wallach said about his work with Spotify. “We’re making sure the company stays really true to artists; [we’re] trying to do something pretty different with music and change the way people consume it and how artist get paid from it.”

    He calls the use of services like Spotify a major transition that can hold the potential to pay artist for their work. Wallach also shared some advice for aspiring musicians: be honest, and expose yourself. “You kinda of make a choice to be a public character and to speak your mind, and that’s what we try to do. I think people relate to that.”

    Wallach also spoke about their new album, Music 4 Tngrs, was made in Wisconsin and Los Angeles.

    “We wanted to make some music that felt like when we were in high school, we would think that was awesome.” Wallach said. “We grew up with the Nirvana’s of the world, and stuff that was really raw and honest. That’s what we’ve really tried to do in this album, to really open ourselves up.”

    Follow D.A. Wallach and keep up to date with his work on his Twitter, @DAChesterFrench. You can pre-order Chester French’s album at