Bieber Attacked, Trump vs Obama, Internet’s Avengers: Like or Dislike

Bieber Attacked, Trump vs Obama, Internet's Avengers: Like or Dislike
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Best-selling author Joel Stein and television personality Stevie Ryan join Shira and social media correspondent Louis Virtel to share their strong opinions about some of this week’s controversial trends.

    Justin Bieber has found yet another reason to trend after engaging in a scuffle with a paparazzo and he’s now being investigated for battery. The heartthrob could be in jail for 6 months if he does get charged. Imagine the crooning jailbird tunes…

    Ryan admits that she feels bad for the Biebs. “Leave him alone!” she exclaims. “It’s just Justin. He was with Selena at the time…he was protecting her from this crazed paparazzo.”

    Taking a page from his book, Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity, Stein makes the case for emasculation: “To sue Justin Bieber for hitting you, as a guy, not worth whatever money there is to be had. You are never having sex again.”

    Turns out, via some tweeted multimedia, that Bieber got some fight training from Mike Tyson in Las Vegas. Does this make him more of a man? Stein seems to think so.

    Over in the political realm, before heading to a fundraiser for Mitt Romney, Donald Trump couldn’t help but give us some gems of wisdom on his hunt for evidence of Obama’s birthplace.

    Stein sets the record straight on how he feels about Trump’s political efforts: “It’s hard because I like it as someone who has to write about politics sometimes but I guess, as a human being, I dislike it.”

    “I think it’s awesome that he’s passionate about politics, but let it be,” Shira advises.

    And now we can all contribute to a virtual brainstorm cloud of #TrumpSuperPACnames. Have any good ones to share?

    Watch out Avengers! The Internet Defense League is here. Created by the founders of Reddit, WordPress, and Cheezburger to fight the “evil” of Internet censorship.

    Taking an uncommon stance, Stein is not concerned. “It seems like the Internet is plenty free.” But what about SOPA and PIPA? “You mean stopping people from illegally downloading movies?…if the Internet can stop basic law functionality, I think we’ll be fine.”

    Do you think that we need a group like the Internet Defense League to protect our online space?

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