John Legend, Tim Tebow, Kevin Jonas Share Their #Hope4Children (VIDEO)

John Legend, Tim Tebow, Kevin Jonas Share Their #Hope4Children (VIDEO)
By Damon Berger
  • It was a fantastic evening on Monday with What’s Trending LIVE from the Samsung Hope For Children Gala in New York City. Shira talked with dozens of your favorite stars on the red carpet including Eli Manning, Wendy Williams, John Legend, Kevin Jonas, Drew Brees, and Tim Tebow!

    Check out the full playlist:

  • When Shira asked John Legend if he was surprised by the state of education here in America, John responded, “it’s surprising if you are not familiar with the statistics and know how wealthy we are…to know we are not doing as well as we should be in education…when you see some of the solutions out there working, but aren’t being implemented in a full way, like respect for the teaching profession…you know we have a lot of work to do.”

    Shira talked with superstar NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson about his foundation, the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, and why he thinks Samsung Hope For Children is such great event, and NASCAR’s partnership with Twitter. When talking about how Samsung Hope For Children has helped his foundation, Johnson said, “the number one request from schools is tech labs and Samsung makes everything that they would need in a tech lab, so they gave 48,000 worth of equipment to completely outfit their schools and tech labs.”

    Johnson is excited about NASCAR’s new partnership with Twitter, “It’s a really great way to stay connected to the fans. Our sport is probably more fan friendly than any other sport.”

    Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning told Shira that even though he’s “not smart enough to be a doctor” he knows he can help a child overcome an illness by “lifting up their spirits or raise awareness or money…just want to do whatever I can.”

    Manning also shared that the Giants, despite winning the Super Bowl, will be better next year, “We’re going to make a lot improvements… despite the winning the Super Bowl, we were 9-7, so we have a lot to improve.”

    Shira got to talk to the man, the myth, the meme himself…Tim Tebow! Shira even got to “Tebow” for Tim Tebow! When asked why he thought “Tebowing” caught on like it did, Tim said, “I just think I’ve been blessed to play for organizations with such great fans, from the University of Florida to the Denver Broncos to here in New York, I’ve played for teams with very passionate fans.” Tim added that he wants to be a role model,to “be someone that young kids can look up too, that’s my ultimate goal.”

    Swizz Beatz who designed custom Samsung Galaxy Tabs to giveaway to luck tweeters during the livestream explained how he got involved in the Bronx Charter School for the Arts, “First and foremost, I’m from the Bronx…when I went there, I got so inspired their talent, their energy.” Shira asked Swizz if things had changed in his old Bronx neighborhood since when he was young and Swizz’s response was surprising. “It changed for the worse…the parks I used to play at were gated because of a crime scene or something. And I said to myself, ‘I have to rebuild this stuff.’ Kids don’t even have the opportunities to play.”

    Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, spoke about his non-profit, Change for the Children. “Getting kids motivated is the hardest thing, so when you have a voice you can use for good, you should…I think we’ve brought light to a lot of kids and hope we can continue that path.” Kevin says he uses social media everyday to connect with fans. ” I love Instagram. I love it all.”