Did Men Invent the Internet? – Real Time Conversation [VIDEO]

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  • Quddus (Duets) and Janina Gavankar (True Blood and The League) joined Shira to debate NY Times declaration that “Men Invented the Internet” and all the online chatter around the controversial statement, including Xeni Jardin’s response on Boing Boing.

    Janina, being a techie herself, was insulted when she did her research to find that only 18 of the Fortune 500 CEOs, especially when it was accompanied by a headline that read “Number of Female CEOs are at an all-time high.” Said Janina about her experiences, “The glass ceiling is a very real thing, to be completely, I’ve felt it in a many scenario, especially being a geek in the geek community. I went to E3 and I could feel being a girl at E3.”

    We were then joined by Tara Brown, Forbes writer and co-founder of the startup Teach Me Stuff, on Skype to further the conversation. Tara said in response to the NY Times article, “Xeni’s post on Boing Boing did a great job of pointing out the issues we still have in tech and woman. It hasn’t changed no matter how much people like to report on the stats.”

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