‘Hangover 3’ Returns To Vegas

'Hangover 3' Returns To Vegas
By Damon Berger
  • The Las Vegas Sun reports that there will be a Hangover 3 and it’s going back to the place of its original glory: Las Vegas. Director Todd Philips will reportedly shoot much of the new and final movie in Los Angeles and¬†Tijuana. The plot (does it need one?) will be related to rescuing Zack Galianiki from a mental hospital.

    The first “Hangover” took in $467 million, the sixth-highest grossing film of 2009. The second, which cost a little more than double ($35 vs. $80 million) earned $581 million. Do you think the third time is a charm, or should they have ended it at 2 (or, maybe 1). The slated release date for the new film is May 24th, 2013…man, they work fast.