Usher livestreams concert via YouTube

Usher livestreams concert via YouTube
By Damon Berger

  • Usher treated fans to a special treat on Monday, livestreaming his concert in London on YouTube and letting fans watching online to chose from three different streams, dubbed “Dream Stream,” “Pure Stream,” and “Raw Stream,” to view the concert. Calling the event “UNSTAGED,” Usher used his Twitter account (@UsherRaymondIV) to encourage fans to use the hashtag #AMEXUnstaged for the event.

    The entire performance was interactive, allowing fans to not only chose which stream to view, but also included a live-chat section in the YouTube channel that would allow fans to sign in through Twitter or Facebook. The event was part of what Usher calls, “art-in-motion reality,” and was done in part to promote his new album, “Looking 4 Myslef.”

    To catch a rebroadcast of the livestream, which will be airing all day today, visit