WT/Movies: Rock of Ages Drunkenly Stumbles to the Box Office

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  • In this week’s What’s Trending Movies, Brett Register offers us the consolation that the feared summer slump ended up being just a little Avengers-related aftermath.

    In another flawless social media box office, Madagascar 3 edges out Prometheus for the top spot and Snow White and the Huntsman comes in to round out the grand trifecta.

    Looking forward, Brett rips a bit on Adam Sandler’s new film That’s My Boy (because he should’ve stopped after Jack and Jill) and the latest Broadway film adaptation, Rock of Ages, whose stellar cast might not make up for its bizarre storyline.

    Even though the biggest trailers of the week were for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, there were two underdogs that should get more of the spotlight: Denzel Washington in Flight and a chilling tale called 360.

    Keep watching for Brett’s predictions for next week’s box office and see if it lines up with your anticipated ticket stubs.

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