WT/Performance: Quincy and Kendre serenade with “Stay Awhile”

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  • “Growing up I’ve been around music forever,” Quincy said. “I went to the rap thing, and [Diddy] was like, ‘You’re a singer, I know it,’ but I didn’t know it.” Quincy spoke extensively about his dad, and what he’s learned from him. He said his father has guided him and been a critic for him, offering feedback about music and fashion. He’s learned many lessons from his father, the most important one: “Never stop. He just goes.”

    He’s proven a faithful student of his father, a man whose success has led him to not only the top of the hip-hop world, but the entertainment industry as a whole. It was too no one’s surprise then when Quincy and friend Kendre stopped by the What’s Trending studios on Wednesday to performing the song “Stay Awhile,” their voices were cool, suave and heartfelt.

    Diddy gave Quincy and Kendre a shoutout for their performance on What’s Trending via Twitter:


    “We knew all the same people, and being at a couple of events at the same time, we both didn’t decide to work together until we both had a change in our careers and mindset,” Quincy told Shira about working with Kendre. “We both wanted to do the rap thing, and moved over to the singing.”

    Kendre said that it takes a little more focus to be a rapper, saying that you’ve got to be really clever. Singing is easier, he says, “because the only goal is talking to them girls, who’re watching right now.”

    Both singers had parts in the Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg film called “Mac and Devin Go to High School,” and said they will be performing on BET’s “106 & Park,” on June 25.

    Follow Quincy on Twitter @Quincy, and follow Kendre on Twitter @iKendre.

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