Model Live Tweets Married Actor Flirting With Her [RTC]

Model Live Tweets Married Actor Flirting With Her [RTC]
By Damon Berger
  • Actor Jason Mewes and YouTube star GloZell were the first guests in What’s Trending history to rock matching hairdos, and they looked fantastic doing it.

    “Should I keep this on?” Mewes asked Shira, wearing a wig GloZell had brought just for him. The actor, of Jay and Silent Bob fame, then began talking to about Smodco, the popular morning podcast created by friend and frequent scene partner, Kevin Smith.

    “It’s been awesome,” he said. “I wanted to do it, but I had no idea what to talk about. He [Smith] said, ‘Look man, why don’t you just start talking about us working together,’ ’cause we’ve known each other for 25 years.”

    He said the experience has been fun. He’s shared some very personal information during the show, and his wife also works for the podcast. Mewes also has his own video series, called “Mewes News,” where he serves as anchor.

    A veteran of YouTube, GloZell told Mewes that he’s doing good, and having a “hot wife” will help him stay on top of things. Her channel has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

    Rocking Crocs in the What’s Trending studios, GloZell said that she never actually auditioned for parts to start her performance career, and is thankful that YouTube provided her with a platform.

    “Now, I’m like the ghetto Oprah,” she told Shira.

    The topic then turned to model Melissa Steffen’s now infamous live-tweeting of married actor Brian Presley’s attempt to hit on her mid-flight.

    “She didn’t ruin his life, she helped his life, because who in the world knew who he was?” GloZell said. “That’s a Presley I did not know. Both of them, nobody knew about them, now we’re talking about them.”

    Mewes had a different idea altogether.

    “Well I’m gonna need to do this; I’m gonna flirt with someone so I can start trending,” he joked. “I want to know how he didn’t know if she was sitting there, like this, and he’s like ‘hey, let me touch it.’”

    Mewes said that he’s always been a little paranoid about being called out in public, but said that it all could have been a lie.

    Social Media Correspondent Ethan Newberry said that the controversy surrounding the event involved Presley’s removal of his wedding ring and drinking during the flight, two key pieces of information that were in tweets that were later deleted. Presley later defended himself via Facebook, saying he enjoyed the nice conversation.

    GloZell doesn’t really mind the behavior, although she thinks Presley was lying about his intentions.

    “I’m gonna look him up ’cause he’s hot,” GloZell said. “And nasty. He’s hot and nasty.”

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