Overly Attached Girlfriend releases another video

Overly Attached Girlfriend releases another video
By Damon Berger
  • Remember that Overly Attached Girlfriend we told you about, oh, like 11 days ago? Well, she’s back. Of course she’s back.

    OAG released her own version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s monster hit, “Call Me Maybe,” changing the lyrics to a stalker-ish version of her looking out for a 6-foot-3 love interest. In accordance with her overly-attached persona, her version includes talk about viewing the dude via a webcam and a very “shady” dinner date. The video already has more than 9,000 likes on YouTube (this number will of course be completely off by the time you read this) but only about 300 views.

    The video was released via her website. Yup, OAG has a website. Want more OAG? You can take your pick from several OVA Twitter handles to keep yourself updated.