Justin Bieber’s #BELIEVE Has High-Profile Fans and Collaborators Tweeting

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  • Justin Bieber’s third album, Believe, is officially available on iTunes today, sending fans into a frenzy across the Internet.

    Surprisingly enough, the Biebs himself did not dominate Twitter’s trends this morning, but #Believe made a short-lived stint while “Believe Deserves a Grammy” popped up intermittently on the U.S. and Worldwide trends.

    The teen idol and his PR team also had the chance to showcase their social networking talents by ferociously tweeting and retweeting publicity and praise for the album from some high-profile collaborators and fans. After all, @JustinBieber is one of the most influential handles out there, tweeting to over 23.5 million followers.

    With featured artists like Ludacris, Big Sean, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, Bieber’s album is also fielding a lot of attention for its R&B and hip-hop tones.

  • What do you think of #Believe? Is this a progressive move for the Biebs?

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