Russian Rappers, #Believe in Bieber and the DIY music movement (VIDEO)

Russian Rappers, #Believe in Bieber and the DIY music movement (VIDEO)
By Damon Berger
  • Shira Lazar had some very special company on the couch on Wednesday, joined by international artist Jay Sean and actress Chelsea Kane, who was one of the first guests ever to appear on What’s Trending. Both spoke about current projects before offering their unique opinions on the latest trending news.

    Sean spoke about his recent collaboration with Pitbull, “I’m All Yours,” which started when they were on tour in Australia. “Maybe it was a drunken conversation, but we did suggest that we should collaborate,” Sean told Shira. “We both held up our end of the deal, and it ended up happening.”

    Several people sent Sean questions via Twitter, and one asked if he would consider putting a fan in a music video. “Have I done that before?” he pondered out loud. “I think we should do something. I couldn’t do it for the one I just shot; I did a video called ‘Sex 101.’ I think that would be slightly inappropriate to put a fan on that one.”

    Kane is about to star in a new sitcom, “Baby Daddy,” which premieres on Wednesday on ABC Family. The story follows three bachelors living in New York City who must care for a child left on their doorstep.

    “It’s a really cute show,” she said. “I’m really proud of it. It feels really good, and I hope you guys tune in and enjoy it.” The show mimics real life for Kane, who said that she had never held a baby before she got the gig.

    “The first time they brought our baby on set, I panicked,” she said. “All the blood drained from my face. But no one is having babies around me yet, and that’s just fine.” She said she is blessed to work with a lot of “hot guys,” which was her answer to fan wondering how she always gets to work with “hot guys.”

    Moving on the first topic, some of the biggest social stories of the week revolved around music, including a self-made Russian music video.

    “I personally love that it’s a generation where you can get your music, and your art out there quickly,” Kane said. She runs her own website,, which regularly features music and fashion.

    Sean agrees. “When I first started ten years ago, there was none of this,” he said, referring to DIY musicians. “After I got my first record deal, it was just literally the record label had to pay for the music video, and it had to be brilliant and it was super expensive, and that was the only choice.”

    He notes how Justin Beiber’s career took off through YouTube. He said that people don’t necessarily need expensive equipment to create and share music. “It’s enough to have people say, ‘that’s a real cool song’ or ‘that’s a real cool video.’ I think that, why not man?

    If you don’t have the platform to be recognized by the big CEO’s, do it yourself,” Sean said.

    Beiber’s album release on Tuesday sparked the hashtag #Believe to trend worldwide. Shira asked both guest what they thought of the “Bieber Effect.”

    Kane said that she’s a fan of Bieber, but she thinks that there’s no real explanation for the madness. “There’s a lot of cute guys out there that write really great music, and for some reason something hits, and it just takes off. You really don’t know why.”

    “I think that when they see a Bieber happening, they try to replicate it, and let’s be honest, they did,” Sean said. “As soon as he got signed, every 10-year-old in school suddenly thought they were going to be the next Bieber.”

    Sean should know; he met the Biebs during a very special episode, which he shares starting at the 12:23 mark.

    Watch more of Chelsea and Jay on What’s Trending HERE.

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