Face.com, Draw Something TV Show, and Tyson on Broadway: Like or Dislike

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  • Kane definitely said she disliked, calling it creepy, and Sean agreed. “I honestly think it’s going to far. There are other people who don’t want that, they want their privacy. Why are we so obsessed with tagging everything?” he said.

    The guests also had some opinions on the smartphone game “Draw Something” coming to the silver screen via CBS. Both Kane and Sean are fans of the idea.

    One of the most surprising stories of the week included former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tysons’ six night, one-man Broadway show, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee. Sean seemed a little confused but curious by the whole event, while Kane said she liked it. “I try not to discourage anyone from telling their stories,” she said. “Mike Tyson will bring a totally different audience to Broadway.”

    Watch Chelsea and Jay chat about the future of music and their current projects HERE.

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