Matt Harding Dances Around the World 2012 (VIDEO)

Matt Harding Dances Around the World 2012 (VIDEO)
By Amanda Walgrove
  • It’s been four years since Matt Harding posted his last “Where The Hell Is Matt?” video, which racked up 40 million hits, and a lot has changed in the world and on the Internet since that time.

    Still, the Seattle-based, 35-year-old somehow manages to bridge gaps between major cities and nations with his adventurous YouTube videos that show him dancing among different communities around the globe.

    How does he pay for it all? After uploading his first video in 2005, which started as a joke with friends during a trip to Vietnam, Matt caught the attention of Stride Gum. The company then sponsored his next two journeys in 2006 and 2008.

    His “Where the Hell is Matt? 2008” video took him 14 months to make as he visited 42 countries and met thousands of people who helped bring his project to life.

    And now, we meet him again in 2012 after he has traveled internationally and throughout America to piece together what will probably be another viral hit.